One Year Anniversary Book Giveaway


In celebration of 12 months on Booklikes and the revolution that's been going down, I've decided to give a few books away. 


For all the new followers I've acquired, I have quite an extensive collection of signed books, so I'm putting some into the pot and via a rafflecoptor the two winners can pick one and I'll send them to you.


The first is a signed/numbered copy of one of my fave novellas Deadlift by Craig Saunders.



Not 49 as that's my copy but luckily came by another copy for no cost to me, so if you want it, its yours.


And the rest are.



Signed ones are shown below.





And the slipcased book by whatsisface




The others are first edition's but unsigned.

All are in unread condition.


So how do you enter. Well its open to all my followers and all you have to give is.


A Simple Comment 


Describe yourself in 5 words (the more humorous the better although its got no bearing on the result at all)


Now I don't mind if you reblog, whatever the more the merrier in my book.


And don't forget 


Follow some new bloggers, it costs you nothing and its for the good and the continuation of the community.