The Voodoo Queen (Pelican Pouch Series) - Robert Tallant

Witch? Sorceress? Daughter of Satan? Thief? Saint? Born in 1794, Marie Laveau reigned as the undisputed Queen of the Voodoos for nearly a century. Her beauty and powers were legendary, and caused her to be the subject of wild gossip throughout her life. She passed on her secrets to a favorite daughter, who helped her dominate the underworld of voodoo in New Orleans. "It is an absorbing tale, and the emotional undertones, the conflicts in her human relations, the overwhelming loneliness of her position, all come through the story of a strange life." Kirkus Reviews "The author creates a vivid, haunting atmosphere, which (like Marie's arts) holds the reader in spell. . . . an intriguing novel that is competently mounted and exceedingly well executed."



I picked this up in the Hex shop in New Orlean's i was just browsing. as most tourists do and this and History of voodoo both by "Robert Tallant" Got my eye, If you haven't been to ~Hex shop~ i highly recommend it! They have an awesome selection of book's. 


Anyway! i found this to be a really good read. The author takes one of New Orleans most Infamous voodoo queen's "Marie Laveau" and takes history written about her and turns it into a biography about her. Now i'm not going say if these fact's are true or not. But if they are i found it gives a really good insight into her life and i found it to be a read i couldn't put down the whole time i was in the french quarter. I also love how the author put Who it might of being who teached Marie her craft.


All in all a perfect read and really made my trip to New Orleans after seeing her grave all that more memorable.