Trying to find this book!

You know that one book. The book you recall from a child. And it has so many good memories. this book i've been on the absolute hunt for i cant find it anywhere! i wanted to post it in AF group in goodreads but i didn't know what section of threads to put it under lol!


 i've been looking for this book for years!! It was made in the 1980's or  1970s and was a little book about spooky tales it was a uk book i think? it wasn't scary tales to tell in the dark. But the artwork was fantastic. The tales i recall from it were. a old woman who found a toe in some bean plants and then found 3 graves with skinny men in them. A boy who was sleeping on a pillow of bread. and a candle alone in a room. and a ghost couple walking in a country lane. the ending had some kids and an old man walking up an old tower and then a picture of a creepy zombie woman in her grave smoking. For life of me i can't remember the name of the book! could anyone help me?