Depraved - Bryan Smith

From the first page in this book. To the first line, This book draws you in like a moth to a flame. It's  Extremely violent, deviant and exciting! i couldn't put this book down.

you follow the plot of a town in middle of southen usa. called Hopkins bend think "The hills have eye's" And you get the vibe.Without revealing the plot, the book revolves around a number of characters and flips between them.The way Bryan smith does this is awesome!



The only thing i didn't like about this book was the ending. It sucked honestly. It almost felt like the author had a time frame or was bored or whatever, but it did go with one of the other chars in the book!


if you like a fast paced gore book with chars that make you laugh i highly recommend this book. Can't wait to get tucked in to Depraved 2!