The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly

I have to Say I haven't read a book that I’ve been so enthralled With For a long time! And what with wedding plan's Underway. The wedding dress and the Groom's suit. Panic of my dates for my dress fitting and such larks, THIS book was just... Breath taking.




David is an English boy at the time of World War II. He has plenty of personal troubles. He is shattered by his mother’s death. He is angry at his father for marrying again. He refuses to accept his stepmother Rose and half-brother Georgie as part of his family. He takes refuge in books, ((I mean we all do sometimes.)) Especially fairy tales and myths. They speak to him with an intensity that becomes downright disturbing. It isn’t just the books on his own shelves that he hears whispering to him. He even hears the books in his psychiatrist’s office muttering, making possible a scene that makes me smile every time I remember it. He hears his dead mother’s voice calling to him. And now someone from his dreams, someone from the world inside the books in his bedroom, has come out into reality: the Crooked Man, who has some sinister plan in store for David and his brother. Then one night when the far-away bombardment of the Battle of Britain comes as close as David’s own backyard, the boy is swept into a world where history is made up of the dark underside of all your favorite fairy tales.




Irish author “John Connolly” Gives a distinctively dark and scary spin to many familiar old stories. Stories that you would recall from a kid. I've always wanted to track down the Real stories of the Grimm's and I was left wondering if John had told some of the Original Tale's. As they Were before Modern culture soften them for little ears.



I have to say I think I’ve found a new author to add to my absolutely Love Category! and I'm looking very forward to reading some of his other work's!




John Connolly As a Irish gal myself, I salute you for making this book a legend Gem!