Suicide Forest - Jeremy Bates

I knew I hadn't done a review of this!


As you can tell I wanted too! As I’ve just seen Jeremy Bates has released his Newest edtion to His “World's Scariest Places Occult & Supernatural Crime Series” “The Catacombs!” What really gripped me about this book was this History of were it was based. I absolutely love the “Aokigahara” Aka to us the suicide forest. All of Jeremy's book's are based on Real life places of mystery. And I honest can't wait to get my nails in to the 2nd book to this. Plot was full on from start to finish and he really makes you feel you are there. I loved the twists in the plot too but there were a couple of characters I didn't like. But they got killed off so it's ok lol!


All in all a great book and definitely one to read.