Off Season - Jack Ketchum

I've had a bit of should I? Should I not? in regards to Picking up a Jack Ketchum book. I've seen so Many post's about him,and how disturbing his topics and novels are. So I randomly picked this up. And I’m so glad I did! I couldn't put this book down. frankly I found this book to be disturbing. the author's mind amazes me how he comes up with a plot like what I just read. a very disturbing plot about cannibalism. I did get warned That this author deals in the extreme Always. and boy were they right! This doesn't mean I didn't like it. I Loved it! I loved how he gave a little history into the clan of cannibals too. Very descriptive he keeps you on edge to the point You just have to keep reading. However, I don't think I’m quite ready to give in to my inner struggle of reading “The girl Next Door” and “Red” quite yet But all in all I enjoyed it!