Pit Of Author Totally Failed

Incarnate - Ramsey Campbell

Five people are brought from London to participate in a controlled experiment studying prophetic dreaming. But the results are so ominous that the program is cut short.

Now a monstrous presence is in the subjects' lives, a creature created by their group dream eleven years ago, drawing them inexorably into its awful vortex.





It's not often I come across a book that's bad. Not saying I don't, But it's very very rare. I went on a total random buy with this one, And boy... I got bit Bad.... I don't even know were to begin with this review. I'm just going say it how I found it. the best bit about this book is I finally got to finish it! an absolute bore. I should of just given up. the plot wasn't scary and in honest fact. the plot was all over the place. The ending was even more boring then the whole book! I'm guessing the author wanted the book to be one you think on. I could only think to when I would finally get to finish it.