My favourite and Best Book's and Reads of 2014

Oh gosh what a year,


It's been a crazy one for sure! The highlight of Last year 2014 Was... Taaadaaa ((Drum roll' lol)) I didn't just get into reading again. I got in to it as a Hobby, and I started this blog, and Joined GoodRead's! I found my passion for book's again. And... The best part of that was. I found out how much of addiction it is, and that I absolutely love Horror!


Well to keep it short and sweet here is my Best book list The book's I REALLY enjoyed reading, as well as my best and favourite author’s as well.



This book draws you in from page 1. it gave me an atmosphere of genuine fear. I've always loved a good horror story, and mostly the ones that play unashamedly on your physce and senses, but this is just something that goes beyond that. Every part of your mind is opened to the deep seated fears and horrors within you, by taking you further and further into the darkness and by making you realise that it's only the beginning. so yes This is one of my favourites this year. Adam Nevill i salute you!


Oh yes! THIS book.

I found myself having a massive discussion with friend’s Over this book, I was totally pushing that it is a dystopian Horror. But How do you write a brilliantly effective and downright scary horror novel without ever showing any violence, or any monsters, or even giving the reader a chance to guess at what the bad thing actually is? Is that Even a good thing for an Author to do? Hell yes it is! I've never read a Book like Bird box before were every page just keeps you on Edge! This is definitely a 2014 favourite!


Just thinking about this book and the effect it had on me, even now Brings a Wench feeling to my chest. It's one of the most most powerful books I have ever read. You will cry tears of sadness and joy, feel anger and fear, love the story and possibly hate it too. If you have children you will cuddle them extra hard! It rips you up to your core I've never cried over a book or while reading a book. But this book... I Cried while reading it not just a bit Or a few pages.. But whole chapter's.



This Book was the 1st official horror book I ever read. So I reread it in 2014 and found my love for The Author James Herbert as well as his work's to add to my collection.

This is really a terrific novel, well paced, tautly written, and totally absorbing. It is an absolute page turner, with scenes of horror matter factly written, making it all the more believable and horrific, while tinged by a trace of dark humour. The tension is crisply maintained throughout the entire book, from start to finish, and makes for a riveting read that is hard to put down. This is a must read for all those who love a good horror story. Bravo! Mr James Herbert. <3


Oh honestly my heart flutters when I think of Joe Hill. The man can write some awesome Book's and that's not just because He's Stephen kings son. Its because if anything... He’s even a better writer then his dad! At least what I feel. I was in two minds if I wanted to pick this or “NOS4R2” I’m going to review NOS4R2 as I’m currently reading it. so Horn's it is all I can say is give it a read! It made my top list for 2014.


I guess These are the book's I can think of on top of my head for my list, I hope you enjoyed it. And see you in 2015 for more Book Review's!