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A very Merry Christmas to you all!


I guess all the mince meat pies have been put away and the family have all left! I know mine have! Just wanted to personally wish you all a merry Christmas! Here at Littlebookcove I Hope you all had a lovely time!



Here's to many more! <3


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I finally found THE Book of books!

Spine Tinglers - Zenka Woodward

This was THE book that started it all!



I've been looking for this book for Over 20 Years! I'm not even kidding! Thank You to Char's Horror Corner for referring me to a group called "What is the name of the book?"  I finally found the book! The book was called “Spine Tinglers” and it was such a strange little book of the poem's I honestly remember it scaring the hell out of me.



It was published by Lady Bird and the authors and cover artists were Zenka and Ian Woodward, I don't know the year it was published but I remember having the book in the 1985.




This to me is that one Holy grail of book's I have Needed, and wanted and now I have it, I can't even express the joy of having Finally gotten a copy!




The poems and pictures even today while not so much spooky to me are still as strange as they was when my mother used to read them to me!

It's been a while!


I feel like I haven't been here forever.. For many reason's Booklikes got so slow, I just couldn't log in on here at all. But I knew Booklikes would sort it and they seem to have! So It's all good I totally understand other bloggers were getting pissed off. But generally I don't think it was booklikes fault at all. They have never let us down and I think what most people forget is that Booklikes provides a free blogging service for us to blog about our love of book's How could you be mad at them when they provide this wonderful free service. I had faith and they didn't let me down and I'm thankful for that.


So Just a general update!



We're slowly winding down on 2016 thank god! What with Christmas just around the corner, I used to hate Christmas and dreaded it But now I love it and try to fully embrace it.


I was going to move this year! It was going to be the 'forever home move' A country move. But I put that on hold because it became too stressful and I'm hoping to Resume that next year as a project this time! Cause it's a big thing! So that's it really! I just wanted to say I'm here! Not going anywhere I did ponder it not going lie, but Booklikes is one my utter passion's and I feel we have a good little community going here!


Shan xx


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Thank you booklikes !!! 

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner #1) Philip K. Dick

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick, Robert Zelazny



I heard recently that they were doing a remake of “Blade Runner” and it set me thinking. How could they possibly remake a classic film? I remember watching Blade runner with my dad who is by the way a massive sci-fi and fantasy fan! But I clearly remember watching this amazing film as a kid, I didn't at all understand the plot or the depth of the film, but I remember the music and the scene's and they were amazing! And it set me thinking... I've never read the book! The whole film is based on a book I've never read. So of course I got the book to read!

Philip K, Dick Wrote loads of books! The man in the high castle is one of his as well as total recall. I actually had no idea he wrote that or that Total recall was based on a book!


It's so funny when I curled up with this book it took me right back to the 80s, I had a total wave of Nostalgia. The book it's self is nothing like the film But there are core element's and the characters in the book are more in depth. The world it's self is fucked. It's still getting over a war. And they have lost Most of the earth's animals they have to be selective bred and go for insane price's without giving too much of the book away, that's just one of the story lines, The Fallout dust and chickenheads been another to all twists Putting this right up there as a sci-fi classic.


I enjoyed reading this book so much! I got a bit lost in places, but it all weaved together. And to be honest, I'm so glad I watched the film then read the book.

The Doll J.C Martin

The Doll - J.C.Martin

A spooky short tale set in Isla de las Munecas The Island of the Dolls it tells the tale of a little girl and her mother who visit the island on a trip were from there.. A series of events happen that is very sinister.


I was Really lucky with this one I found it for free while hunting around the kindle store. The cover was what hooked me to it the tale, it's self was extremely impressive the way the plot flowed as well.


What I loved most about it is where the story is based it's based on the spooky island of the dolls and it's haunting past. There's so many places in the world that have themes like this, and that Hooked the little Real paranormal fan in me.


Give this book a read I promise you it's short but you won't be disappointed.


Bingo!!! Finally :p

Slade House: A Novel - David Mitchell



Yay! I finally did it! Bingo baby! Just finished the Halloween bingo with my last read of "Slade House By David Mitchell"


Straight off the bat, I chose this because I felt it fitted into Magical Realism theme and I'm proper I glad I did as it fitted the theme perfectly. Slade house is a Strange little tale of Occult mystery that to me felt very sort of Aleister Crowley kind of vibe.


I became disheartened with it after a few chapters sadly due to the fact it became repetitive it was the same tale over and over and left me with the feeling off well when is someone going to break this circle and when the action is really going to start?!


It's a strange little tale. But one I think if it wasn't so repetitive it would stay with me, but sadly, I know it won't.


Yay! Baby!!

So i'm finally down to one box before I can shout bingo! I have to say my choices were a bit of miss and match nothing was planned on what I was going to read. When that last box is filled I'm going jump off of the bingo and on to a sifi book. Have to say I'm pretty contented! :p


The Thing At The End Of The Bed (Halloween bingo-Ghost stories & haunted Houses)

The Thing at the Foot of the Bed - Maria Leach, Kurt Werth

There wasn't any cover to this book at all. So I took some piccies! Written By Maria Leach and Illustrated by Kurt Werth.




This book was so quaint! I don't understand how it got on my bookshelf, I must of got it when I was book hunting in second hand bookshops in London or something.



Anyway's this book is filled with cute little pictures and Spooky ghost tales most of them not too scary because it's an old kids book.



Reading This while curled up by candlelight was really fun, So it definitely goes in the Ghost stories and Haunted house box!

Disappearance at Devil's Rock Paul Tremblay ((Genre Mystery pick))

Disappearance at Devil's Rock: A Novel - Paul Tremblay





I picked this as my Halloween bingo's “Genre Mystery” and It totally fitted the bill.

Straight away Paul Tremblay Slams you into the tale with a Disturbing plot opening.That one Nightmare I think every parent would dread. A late night phone call from their son's friend That then Pulls you in to a an addicting and fast Gut Wrenching story. That Really makes it as draining for you emotionally, as it does the characters in the book!



This Tale had me in it's grip. I carried this around on my kindle and for 3 days I was speaking to everybody who would listen about it! This is the second book I've read of Paul's the first one being his A head Full of ghosts. Which is just as good as this.


This was a psychological suspense of a ride and a truly Genre Mystery on the notes of horror and a book I Highly recommend.

Nobody True James Herbert Halloween Bingo-Supernatural

Nobody True - James Herbert


Yay, that's 2 ticks off I didn't actually know this at the time. But I randomly picked James Herbert's Nobody True and it actually Turned out to be a really good random pick of a book I could use for the supernatural section of the Halloween bingo i'm doing.





I think by now everyone who reads my blog knows how much I adore James Herbet he's like right up there in my favourite authors Sadly, he's not with us anymore so this story really struck chords with me. It's such an unusual tale. I've never actually read anything like this! It has so many plots and turns.


Jim True wasn’t there when he died. While he was ‘away’ on an out-of-body experience (something he has been able to do since he was a child) someone murders him. And not just murder's him, they totally mangle his body. It's now up to James to now only find out what the hell happened to his body, but to understand the now supernatural world he lives in and stop a dark threat that looms over his family and loved ones.


Honestly, this was one hell of a tale and totally deserves its place on the supernatural box of the Halloween board.




Reading progress update: I've read 26%.

Nobody True - James Herbert


I've putting this in the Supernatural box when i'm done as it's actually a pretty good place for it!

The Yellow Wall-Paper and Other Stories - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Robert Shulman

I finally started the Halloween bingo that is currently being hosted by Obsidian Blue and Moonlight Murder. I saw some peeps had done “The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman” So I picked that as my starter read. I wanted to reread The Exorcist as the Locked Room mystery, but chose this instead. I have to admit I was quite shocked! I wasn't expecting it to be such a short tale, but it really does leave you with a wtf did I just read. Even now i'm still thinking about it. So lets get into this tale a bit.





The story details the descent of a young woman into madness. Her supportive, though misunderstanding husband, John, believes it is in her best interests to go on a rest after the birth of their child. The family spends the summer at a colonial mansion that has, in the narrator's words, "something queer about it". She and her husband move into an upstairs room that she assumes was once a nursery, having it serve as their bedroom due to its multitude of windows, which provide the air so needed in her recovery. In addition to the couple, John's sister Jennie is present; she serves as their housekeeper. Like most nurseries at the time the windows are barred, the wallpaper has been torn, and the floor is scratched. The narrator attributes all these to children, as most of the damage is isolated to their reach. But is it though!?

I wanted to read this tale for a while and one thing I noticed while looking it up is that it's a classic and that it has been classed as a feminist written work for how women were treated at that time. But to me, I read this from a point of horror. As Jane, the main character of the tale, falls into a decent of slowly succumbing madness, that comes from an almost maniacal fascination of the rooms yellow wallpaper.

I honestly loved this tale it was short but left so many thoughts in me afterwards. A truly spooky horror classic and a fantastic start to the Halloween bingo and a tale I think that will stay with me for a while.



Clive Barker ColdHeart Canyon

Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker

I have to say this book highly surprised me! When I saw this in the library I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. After being so heart trodden with the scarlet gospels, This was amazing!

The story started in Romania in the 1920s when a famous film starlot Katya Lupi returns to visit to her family with her talent agent Willem Zeffer. Zeffer visits an old medieval castle, which has been turned into a monastery and decides to buy a unique work of art, a series of sculpted and painted tiles depicting (in a grotesque and obscene manner) the local legend of a Count who was cursed to haunt the nearby wilderness for all eternity. Upon seeing this art he decided Katya has to have it and take's it back with them to the hills of L.A


Cutting to current times we then meet Todd. The curse that goes to the tiles are soon to fall on him, but will those around him help him in time?


The story and plot line to this is insane! The chars are very well written too, was this ever made into a film? If not it should be! I honestly couldn't put this book down. Clive Baker's mind is like a den of sordid pleasures, but he makes his written work so addictive! There are graphic scenes in this book so I will say if you're a bit sensitive to that then this book isn't for you. However Clive just has a way of letting his stories flow so you really get a sense of were he's put you in the hot canyons of L.A and i absolutely loved the tale because of that. A read i really enjoyed!

99 Fear street saga R.L Stine ((Retro Horror 90's))

The First Horror - R.L. Stine The Second Horror (99 Fear Street, No. 2) - R. L. Stine The Third Horror - R.L. Stine

I decided i was going back to the 90s with a retro kind of Horror read!



I was browsing through my local library's Ebook section when these caught my eye. At once I was drawn back to my childhood when I passed whole rows of this series of book's and point horror in the teen section. For anybody who remembers the 90s! From a teenager's prospective. R.L Stine and Point horror were the book's to read for Teen horror. There was ton's of them! And some of them were absolutely terrifying! Goosebumps were more for the younger ages.


It's really good to see that R.L Stine is still Much requested. I chose the fear street saga not really expecting much, but was proved pleasantly surprised! I'm going to give a complete breakdown of The ones I got my hands on in one post.


Cally,Kody,James,Mr and Mrs Fraiser had just moved to 99 Fear street,and the twin sisters weren't thrilled to move in...After their arrival the accidents follow first a tree branch almost falls on cally's head,then the rats attack them,the window panel falls on kody's hand,and other accidents happen...soon the twin sisters are sure the house is haunted or cursed after hearing the terrible story from a boy in their neighborhood.
everything turns more mysterious when the house owner whom they had bought the house is found dead long ago, and strange things keep happening! Infact they get more crazy from there. A Very sad ending that was kind of expected in the end.




I actually prefer this one to the first one. This house still stands and a new family move in. All sorts of turmoil awakes again and the house and its ghosts are intent on trying to kill the new family!



Kody Frasier, makes a return. She always swore she would come back. And this time she brings a whole Hollywood film team with her! In my personal opinion not as good as they other two, but still a very good read.




Clive Barker The Scarlet Gospels

The Scarlet Gospels - Clive Barker

I totally forgot about this! That's how much I thought of it, I guess.


I was totally disappointed with this, in fact the more I think about it the more I am. Clive baker can write much better than this. And I honestly understand he wasn't well, but is his publishing agents demanding he write book's because this wasn't in Clive style at all.



There was a subtle little drop of cold canyon in this, but this isn't honestly in my opinion his style. He brought into play charter's that have nothing to do at all with “The pinhead” and the overall plot, it's self while really good lacked so much! All in all was very disappointed with this a very disappointing sequel to the whole Cenobite mythos :(


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